Motherhood truths of my hiding in my bathroom

Motherhood Truths

The following five motherhood truths are what my children have taught me in my last four years of motherhood.

Silence is a virtue.

I never appreciated being alone, sitting in silence as much as I do now. As a mother, it seems that every 13.2 seconds someone interrupts me to ask for water, demand that I find their baby doll and or say that they are hungry…yet again. Of course, I know this is part of being a mother, and I can appreciate that, but sometimes, I just need three minutes to collect my thoughts and remember whether or not I brushed my teeth today. I’m now grateful for the moments I can sit alone quietly, even if that only happens while I’m waiting at the dentist.

There’s no such thing as privacy.

I had no idea that I would one day fantasize about going to the bathroom alone. Nowadays, every time I attempt to enter my bathroom, two little people follow behind me. Once inside, I am peppered with questions about what I’m doing, which is then followed by, “Are you finished yet?” Apparently, the bathroom is now a prime party location and I embrace what’s to come and just leave the door open.

What’s yours is mine.

Little did I realize that having children would put me on the most intense diet I’ve ever been on. The moment I go to put something into my mouth, another little human being asks if they can have it. What does a typical afternoon lunch look like? “Here’s your lunch, Ava.” “No!!! I don’t want that,” she replies in such anguish that you would think I just offered her poison (or brussels sprouts). Me: “But you asked me to make this.” Her: “Well, now I don’t want it. I want a sandwich,” pointing at the meal I just prepared myself. So I hand her my sandwich and eat her leftovers standing over the kitchen sink. It’s called the new Mommy Diet. Look for it in bookstores just in time for swimsuit season!

Sleep is a luxury.

Before children, I would say to Ed, “I’m tired. I think I’m going to go to bed.” Then, I would walk upstairs, lay down, and fall asleep within 30 seconds. 8 hours later I would awake refreshed. Now, it seems like I am always tired (can anyone relate?). The moment I fall into my REM sleep; I’m woken by crying screams from the next room. The result is always the same: One or more little people end up in by bed with their feet kicking me and the smell of their diaper on my face. I must admit that I do enjoy the morning snuggles and rarely use my alarm anymore because I have two little ones who always promptly wake me up.

I truly appreciate my mother.

I’ve always loved my mother, but I honestly never appreciated her until I had children of my own. Being a mother is a tireless, challenging job. I look back now at the times I felt like my mother was “torturing” me and I realize, in truth, I was torturing her. Payback is the harsh reality of what a little terror I was.

Never in my life have I faced such a daily roller coaster of emotions. Half of my day is filled with overwhelming amounts of love for the creatures I created. The other half is filled with immense amounts of fear because I actually have to keep them alive and out of trouble.

To all the mothers out there, I appreciate you. You deserve to spend some quiet time today meditating on what a wonderful life you have. And by meditating, I mean hiding in your bathroom drinking wine reminiscing about the days when you were a size 2 and spent your summer along the Spanish coast. These are my motherhood truths.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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