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Sarah Tseng

Hi, I’m Sarah!

I’m so glad you’re here.

Smart. Simple. Savvy. is a modern mom’s guide that focuses on solutions to common motherhood problems. I want you to love life with wasting a moment!

My name is Sarah and people know me as wife, daughter, mother, and a budgeting ninja.¬†I’m detailed oriented and passionate about cooking. I love design shows and one day want to open a consignment furniture store. If I could have my way everything would be neat, tidy and in it’s place. I have two beautiful babies, Ava, 3 and Max, 16 months and I shouldn’t leave out our pups, Babe and Jordan. We live in the greater Princeton Area, in the good ole’ New Jersey.

My husband and I have talked about writing for years but I was always held back by fear. What will people say? Think? I finally reached a point in my life where those things no longer mattered to me. What matters now is doing what I love and being with those I love. Blogging has brought me back to life. It’s a creative outlet for ideas I only dared to dream of before.

This is the story of my life, the things I like, the people I love and the experiences that shape me. I work hard to raise my children, find myself and enjoy the moment.