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Back to school shopping in Princeton, NJ

The truth is that shopping with my kids ranks right up there with scrubbing my kitchen floor. It’s messy, challenging and unavoidable. I used to be able to get away with buying clothes for my 2 and 4-year-old while shopping alone and picking up the things that I like. Shockingly, my old strategies no longer work. Both of my children have developed personalities and preferences to what they want to wear. I knew this day was coming, but I didn’t anticipate it coming this quickly.

So, my back to school shopping strategy needed some major reworking. I had to find a place where there were enough stores that my kids could find the clothes they loved and I approved. Luckily we are less than 10 minutes from the MarketFair Mall. Located just off Route 1 in West Windsor, it has all the brands the kids, and I know and love.

marketfair mall

marketfair mall

Shopping at Gap Kids at MarketFair Mall

I particularly love Gap Kids for Max, so we headed there first. Max is two and loves anything with his favorite characters on it. I was quite impressed with Gap’s selection of all his favorite guys. I feel as if I never have enough pajamas for the kids (Ok, yes it’s true. I don’t like doing laundry.) So, my first order of business was checking out the pajama section. Max roared with joy (literally) when he saw the Lion Guard pj’s. Then it was onto shoes. Max has chubby little feet and finding comfortable shoes is never easy. I was pleased with Gap’s options, and he settled on a navy pair that can coordinate with anything.

marketfair mall

marketfair mall

Back to school shopping at Gymboree

Ava loves Gymboree’s styles, so we checked out their back to school collection for her. The rows of sparkly flats drew her attention immediately. With a little guidance from me, she ended up choosing the gold ones (they can go with almost anything). Dresses are so her thing right now, so she couldn’t help herself over their endless dress collections. Pockets are of the ultimate importance to a 4-year-old (Hello, you have to have somewhere to put your fidget spinner!) So there was no way she was passing up this monster sweater dress with a pocket in the middle. We gathered a few more tops and bottoms to round out our wardrobe and cover all of our bases.

marketfair mall

Anthropologie shopping for mom

Finally, it was mom’s turn. I think it’s not fair that the kids get all the back to school love! How about us moms too? I headed to my version of heaven, Anthropologie. Their home goods are irresistible, but I was on a mission for myself. I fell in love with a utility sweater that can be mixed with just about anything. I also scored some major deals shopping their sales rack.

So shopping with my kids still isn’t my favorite thing but MarketFair Mall made it a million times easier. Having all the stores conveniently located in one place, made shopping smart and simple with my little ones. Everyone walked out with the essentials that we needed plus I even stopped for a coffee break.

September, I’m ready for you.

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