Most mornings I wake up so incredibly frustrated with the tangled mess I call my hair.

You could say I wake up on the wrong side of the bedhead.

10 years ago I went to the hair salon every six weeks like clockwork. I would spend four hours having my hair cut and colored. Now, I laugh when I think about what my hair care routine was. Two kids and a blog to take care of (and husband), I am excited at the prospect of seeing my hair stylist, Jade, twice a year. So when Jade recommended I try balayage at my next appointment, I was curious to find out what that meant.

Sarah standing to the side to show how her hair looks before the cut and color What is Balayage?

As you can see from the above picture, my color has long grown out and my ends are split and damaged. One of the things I love about Jade is that she completely understands how difficult it is to sustain a nice look when you are limited with time. She too is a working mother with two small kids, so when I explained to her that I needed a low maintenance style that would buy me time between salon visits, she had something in mind. Instead of my normal foil highlights, she used balayage with a clay based lightener. Balayage is a technique where hair dye is hand-painted on in a special V pattern. This method gives the hair a natural, sun-kissed look that grows out without the harsh line of demarcation that traditional highlighting causes.

The clay based lightener, tint brush and paddle used for the balayage technique

The clay based lightener that was used on my hair has to be hand painted on using a color tint brush and paddle.

Jade performing the balayage technique with clay based lightener

Since the lightener dries like a plaster, the color doesn’t bleed or run. This allows you to skip using foils. It looks a bit scary but I have to admit it was much quicker than traditional highlighting. Foils end up taking at least two hours on long thick hair like mine. The balayage treatment was about an hour from start to finish.

My hair covered in the clay based lightener

Next, it was time to get rid of those dead ends. I like having my hair long because I can pull it back when I need to. So, just a trimming and clean up was all Jade did and she was done.

Jade cutting my hair


The final product…

The finished product of my hair cut and colored with balayage

My hair cut and color look revealed.

After not having my hair done in such a long time, I was astounded by the final result. My hair had a beautiful golden blonde color that complimented my skin tone. What impressed me most about the balayage treatment was that there was no harsh root line which highlighting always leaves on me.

I hate to share a good hairdresser in fear that she’ll be all booked up the next time I need a cut/color, but I’m going to let the cat out of the bag on where to find my beloved Jade. With more than 12 years of experience in multicultural hair, curly textures and long blonde hair like mine, there’s not much she can’t do. Jade is also a hair educator, who teaches styles and techniques to other hair stylists.

Give Jade Bain a call at Great Looks Salon to book your next appointment with her: (609)378-5360.

Great Looks A Multicultural Salon is located in the Mercer Mall on Route 1 in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.



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