Family fun at Diggerland

Construction equipment you can play on? How do you say no to that?

When presented with the opportunity to have the kids and I visit Diggerland for Blogger’s Day, I jumped with joy. Diggerland is located in West Berlin, New Jersey and it is a construction-themed amusement park. Max and Ava’s eyes grew wide with anticipation as we pulled into the parking lot and witnessed the giant machines for us to enjoy. I was immediately impressed with how clean the park was and the high level of customer service their staff gave us.


Here are my top 5 tips for visiting Diggerland:

Make sure you have a good child to adult ratio

Most rides require an adult to accompany the child, and it can pose a problem if you have two little kids as I do. Fortunately, I had my aunt there to help me on our special day. She and I divided the kids and hit the rides that each child was most interested in doing. Also, there were a few rides that momma wanted to go on alone!


Wear sneakers

I foolishly wore flip flops on the day we attended Diggerland, and I missed out on their incredible obstacle course. The course rises high into the sky and boasts multiple levels. I was dying to try it and was so disappointed to realize that I had chosen to wear the wrong footwear. Don’t make my same mistake!

Don’t plan a lunch

At most amusement parks I recommend packing your own lunch. I’m happy to say that I thought the food at Diggerland was not only tasty but affordable. We ended our day with ice cream; one giant ice cream fed four for under $5!


Bring your camera

There were SO many cute photos ops. I must have easily taken 1,000 photos because the look on Ava and Max’s face was so precious. Charge your phone or bring your nice camera so you can capture those memories.

Spend the day

There’s lots to do and see, so give yourself plenty of time! We spent four hours at the park enjoying all the different rides, attractions, games and play ground.


Diggerland with toddlers

Diggerland was a great trip, and I definitely plan on taking my kids to it again. This is one amusement park that I would happily take my family back to.

Check out some other fun things to do in New Jersey with kids: Princeton University Art Museum and Charles Evan’s Children’s Discovery Trail.

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