My hilarious Pinterest Fail

Life is not perfect no matter what you see on Pinterest. I think that the internet and blogging can sometimes get a bad rap. Often, we only see images that are well-curated and Pinterest-perfect. The truth is, everyone at some point in their life experiences a major Pinterest fail. I am no exception.

I love Pinterest and spend a large chunk of my day pinning for my blog. Most of my best ideas and blog posts start out by doing research on Pinterest, so, when I woke up the other day with the brilliant idea to create a post about ice cream sandwiches, I immediately started searching what others had done.

Foodstirs sugar cookies

I’m really loving Foodstirs right now and wanted to showcase their delicious sugar cookies. What better way to do this than by creating an ice cream sandwich with a toppings bar. I could feel it in my bones: this was going to be an epic post. One that would go completely viral on Pinterest, getting 100k repins!

So, I started the same way I do all of my posts, by storyboarding out my idea. Next, I went shopping for all of my ingredients and then came the fun part. I baked Foodstirs Organic Sweet Tooth Sugar Cookies first, and painstaking let them cool. Everything seemed to be right on plan. The cookies looked and tasted delicious. Then things slowly started to spiral downward.

I had good intentions

The day was hot. It had to be 90 degrees here in New Jersey. I’m not going to beat around the bush: I’m cheap. Ok, I said it, I’m cheap, and it was 90 degrees, and I absolutely didn’t have the air conditioning on in the house. I was trying to keep our electric bill low, and the house must have been 85 degrees inside. Now, most normal people would not attempt to make anything with ice cream in an 85-degree house because duh, ice cream melts. Well, I’m not most people, and I felt like the heat wasn’t an obstacle I couldn’t overcome.

Max eating toppings from my Pinterest Fail photo shoot

I set up all my fancy photography equipment and started planning out exactly how I wanted my photos to look. The excitement was building, and I just knew this post was going to be Pinterest-perfect. Well, the heat made the ice cream melt really, really, fast. Like it began dripping down my arms onto the floor immediately. The dog was in heaven licking up puddles of ice cream. Max quickly caught on to the excitement in the dining room, and he started stealing toppings off the table. The mini chocolate chips were melting in his little hands, and chocolate fingerprints appeared everywhere. I was becoming frazzled as I sensed the quick negative turn of events.

Pinterest Fail ice cream sandwiches ready to go into the freezer

It’s a Pinstrosity

I may be cheap, but I don’t give up easily. As ice cream was pouring down my arms, I refused to quit. I shoved ice cream between two cookies as fast as I could and threw them into my freezer. I mean they didn’t look perfect but come on, I had faith that a night in the freezer would make them look pretty darn good. My backup plan was also to photoshop the crap out of those photos.

I woke up the next morning unprepared for what the freezer held. When I checked on my ice cream sandwiches, they were a total Pinstrosity. No amount of Photoshop could save what I had created. Ava came up behind me while I was staring hopelessly into the freezer, “What’s that?” she asked like she had just seen a doll with two heads. “It’s an ice cream sandwich,” I told her. “Ewww, it kinda looks like a poo sandwich,” she laughed. “Hush, Ava,” I ordered, but she was right. It totally looked like a poo sandwich.

Pinterest fail ice cream sandwiches

I set up my photography equipment in a last ditch effort to save my major Pinterest fail. There was no hope, the patient died on the table, and I was forced to come to terms with my ugly, misshapen ice cream sandwiches. I did the only thing left to do; I ate it. Standing in front of my filthy kitchen counter, piled with dirty dishes I ate my Pinstrosity. The truth is, it was really, really good. Like, shove it in your mouth as fast as possible good.

Me eating my Pinterest fail ice cream sandwiches

I ate my failure

Life won’t always be Pinterest perfect. Failure is inevitable, but it’s what you do after that matters the most. I ate my failure and am already brainstorming how I’m going to achieve that Pinterest perfect ice cream sandwich because I’m not giving up. Perhaps, I’ll start by turning on the AC…


Just in case you were wondering, I did make a totally Pinterest worthy project thanks to one of Foodstirs monthly baking boxes.

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