I have never stood in front of a giant Lego structure and been so astounded in all my life.

lego castle

Seriously, look at some of these creations people have built!

Lego village

Lego Brick Fest Live

The kids, my aunt, and I had an incredible afternoon at Lego Brick Fest Live. The Festival was located in the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center about an hours drive from my house. With more than ten hands-on activities, Ava and Max had the best time. Honestly, I was a bit concerned about how Max (age 23 months) would manage. I figured there would be plenty of activities for older children but I was surprised at the number of things for his age group.

Max putting Legos on the Lego wall

The Jr. Builders section was one of our favorite places, with large sized legos that kids of all ages could enjoy building with. Then we moved on to the Brick Pit, which was a giant circular structure (almost like a big baby pool) filled with green Legos. Max had the time of his life climbing inside and putting pieces together.  Mini Golf and the giant Lego building wall were also huge hits with him.

Ava playing in the Lego pit

Activities for all ages

Ava loved pretty much everything. From the glow city to building stations there were so many activities that kept her busy. We also enjoyed visiting the State Farm and Main Deck Productions booths. We spent four hours at the festival and could have easily come back for a second day.

Ava with glow legos

I think the thing that impressed us the most were the creations showcased. People of all ages and walks of life, submitted their pieces to be displayed at the show. The Lego works of art were then categorized by structure; some even had their creators standing by them. It was incredible to talk to these people and find out the amount of time and dedication they put into building their pieces.

Without a doubt, the Tseng family will be back next year. In the meantime, I need to brush up on my Lego skills.



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