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Everywhere I go, I see adorable quote artwork on display. It’s such a hot trend right now and is a simple DIY. It’s also an easy way to spruce up your home just in time for summer entertaining. Are you ready for the best part? Making quote artwork is a wine-friendly project! (Just don’t drink too much wine and start making typos).

Quote artwork lined up on a shelf

How to make quote artwork:




Cardstock or other heavy paper


I found some old frames in my basement that were unused. If you’re in need of frames, consider hitting up a garage sale or thrift store. I often see them being sold there for as low as $1! I was fortunate that all of mine were black. If yours are a mish mosh of colors, try spray-painting them for a quick way to give new life to an old frame.

quote artwork displayed


Cardstock paper is heavier than traditional computer paper. It’s not a necessity, but I do think that it adds a nice touch to the overall look.

Choosing quotes

I used my favorite search engine, aka Pinterest as my primary research tool. I searched for quotes or quote art. Pinterest gave me ideas for good sayings, fonts, and spacing.

quote artwork on display

Making art

If you’ve never used Canva before, you are seriously missing out because it’s one of my go-to tools. It’s also one of my favorite apps to use for my business (check out my post on the three apps all bloggers need). The best part is Canva is free to use! (You can pay for added design features, but it’s not necessary for creating this project.)

  1. Once you’ve created an account, start by choosing the “Use Custom Dimensions” button on the top right corner. Creating your art in a custom size is the best way to ensure that it will fit perfectly in your frame. (Make sure to choose the size in inches and not pixels!)
  2. Now here’s the fun part: Playing around with Canva’s functionality. You can add photos or backgrounds and get wild with all of their options. If you want to keep it simple like I did, click on the text icon on the left sidebar to start adding text. Then click “Add Heading.”
  3. Once you have your quote typed out, you can make it fancy by choosing fonts, changing the color and size.
  4. Save your masterpiece and then download it onto your computer.
  5. Print and place in a frame. (If your printer is an ink eating dinosaur like mine, you might want to consider having it printed at a store to save on ink cartridges. I emailed mine to my local Staples store and had them printed there. I spent $9.00 to have all 9 of my pictures printed on cardstock.)
  6. Stand back and admire your gorgeous creation that cost a fraction of what they sell for in a fancy boutique.

Quote artwork hung over my bed

What is your favorite quote that would look great in a frame? Leave it in the comments section below.



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