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With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I wanted to have a special party to celebrate my mom. Since Ava and I love a good tea party, we knew that would make the perfect theme. Now, it couldn’t just be any old tea party. I wanted a party that would really show my mom how special she is. I saw this tea party guide from FTD Flowers and fell in love with their tablescape ideas. Here’s how I used that inspiration to decorate for my own Mother’s Day tea party.

tea party tablescapes

How to decorate a table for a tea party

clock and tea cup on tea party tablescape

I started by cleaning off the table space and moving the picture that normally hangs over the buffet down. This made for a perfect backdrop. If you don’t have a large picture like I used, consider a few small photos with varying heights.

Next, I placed the tea set down to get an idea of where I would want the pieces to go. I used a plate stand to prop up the saucers giving height and allowing you to see the beautiful pattern. This tea set was my grandmother’s and I knew my mother would immediately recognize it.

I grabbed a few items from around the house, the clock (which was also my grandmothers) and the suede box. These helped to add height and variety to the decorations. Once I stepped back, I started to rearrange the pieces of the tea set. I like the playfulness of putting the cup on its side and propping the top up against the sugar bowl.

Add a box for height when creating a tablescape

Tea Party Flowers

tea party centerpieces

I used FTD Flowers’ beautiful party guide to help me select which type of flowers I bought. I stuck with traditional roses but opted to buy smaller and larger ones in colors that complimented my tea set.

The easiest way to arrange flowers was by creating a bouquet and then placing that in the tea set. I originally tried to style the flowers in the teapot by putting one in at a time but it made a terrible mess. Roses were falling everywhere and I may or may not have used a few foul words under my breath. Creating the bouquets and rubberbanding them was such an easy way to achieve the look I wanted.

Formula for tablescape success

So, here’s the trick I learned for creating the perfect tablescape. It’s all about height and the above diagram shows how you can replicate the look each time. The formula of high then low repeated over and over gives an aesthetically pleasing balance that creates the perfect tablescape.

At the end of the day, I know my mom will appreciate my efforts, perfect or not. I have to admit that I am extremely pleased with the way my tea party decorations came out. Time for tea!

buffet transformed into a tea party


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