Ava looking at a Picasso at the Princeton University Art Museum

Summer is coming, and it’s time to think about what to do with the kids. We are so very fortunate to live in an area that has lots to do and see. Princeton, New Jersey and the surrounding towns offer a wide assortment of fun for families. So, I decided to write a post series showcasing some fun family stops. Ed and I have visited the Princeton University Art Museum many times but never with the kids. So, last night we decided to enjoy what some may call a hidden gem. The museum is the perfect place to walk through on a hot summer day.

Princeton University Art Museum with kids

Ed and Ava enjoying a painting at the Princeton University Art Museum

Located right on the Princeton University Campus is an art museum that houses works of art ranging from Picasso to Warhol. On Thursday evenings the museum is open until 10 pm. Ed, the kids, and I took advantage of their later hours to walk around and marvel at the beautiful works of art.

Before You Go

Sarah and Max looking at a Degas at the Princeton University Art Museum

Before visiting, I went online to their website and downloaded some self-guided family activities. Ava loved the worksheets which prompted you to find specific pieces of art and discuss them.

The museum staff went out of their way to make Ava feel special. They explained to her that after we had walked through the exhibits, she could return to the front desk to receive a special passport. Inside she could place stickers of the paintings, she had seen.

Ed and Ava talking about a Monet at the Princeton University Art Museum

Since Max is not at the age where I have a lot of confidence in his ability to walk without touching, I decided to wear him in the baby carrier. They do allow strollers in the museum, but I thought the baby carrier would allow him a better vantage point for viewing (plus I felt like I was getting my workout in).

I love art and tinkered with the idea of going to college for art history many moons ago. For me, it was a real joy to walk through and view painters and paintings that I had read about in my art history books (I ended up getting a degree in Spanish but took a few art history classes).

When to visit

Max and Sarah looking at a painting at the Princeton University Art Museum

The Princeton University Art Museum is a real gem and a perfect place to take kids on their first museum visit. I highly recommend giving yourself at least an hour to walk through and take in all they have to offer. Also, check out their calendar of events. They frequently run family friendly programming. There is no cost to visit the museum. They do have a sign upon walking in that kindly suggests a $5 donation.

No reason to ever complain of boredom this summer! Stay tuned for my weekly segment of fun ideas to keep the whole family busy.

Ava getting her passport at the Princeton University Art Museum

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