You need to save money at Target

How to save money at Target

Let’s be real, you and I both know you go to Target for just one thing and leave with 20. You’re not the only one struggling with this disorder. Tons of my friends suffer from the “I can’t spend less than $100 at Target” disease.  The million plus hours I’ve spent shopping in the store has taught me a few secrets for saving a buck. I have five methods for how to score the best deal and save money at Target.

5 Methods to save money at Target

Manufacturer’s Coupons

I know what you’re thinking, manufacturer’s coupons are so 2010. The truth is after the extreme coupon fad that swept the nation; no one seems to want to use coupons anymore. Well, no one except me. Manufacturer’s coupons are not only an excellent way to lower your grocery bill but also score major savings at Target. You can find manufacturer’s coupons in the newspaper, periodicals or in your mail. Keep your eyes peeled for them because they are everywhere!

Red Card

Target has their own credit and debit card that offers you an additional 5 % discount on all your purchases.  This is one of my favorite ways to save because it requires the least amount of effort. I also love that it gives you free shipping on almost everything online. If you feel like you can’t control your spending on a credit card, the debit card is the best option for you.

Circular Sale

Every week Target publishes a circular that lists what sales they have going on throughout the store. I often use this as a great guide for knowing what to purchase that week. You can view the ad online but check it carefully because they often have valuable coupons printed inside.

Target Coupons

Target also has their own coupons that can be stacked with a manufacturer’s coupon or sale. You can find them printed in their weekly circular or can download them from their website.

Cartwheel App

Using Cartwheel is my second favorite way to save money at Target. The app allows you to search for items you are purchasing by typing in the name of the item, category or scanning an item’s bar code. I try and plan out my shopping trip by checking to see what deals Cartwheel has before I leave, but everyone knows how easy it is to make spontaneous Target purchases. So, I often find myself scanning all the items in my cart using the app before checking out. I almost always find that one or two of them are on sale with Cartwheel. It’s worth the extra two minutes to scan everything! The app creates a barcode with all of your deals which the cashier scans at the end of checkout.

How to maximize your savings at Target

Using each of these methods individually can help you to start slashing your Target bill but combining them is where you get BIG savings. I try to stack as many options as possible together. Here are some examples.

I received a coupon in the mail for Pampers Diapers. If I want to check and see if I can stack savings here’s what I do:

  1. Check the Target Circular to see if they are on sale
  2. Open the Cartwheel App to see if there are any additional savings
  3. Check Target’s printable coupons to see if there is a matching store coupon
  4. Use my Red card at checkout

If I see that Target is running a sale with a coupon on breakfast items. Here’s how I check on stacking my savings.

  1. Google Manufacturer’s coupons for the items I wanted to purchase that are on sale. Often you can print coupons off a website like
  2. Check Cartwheel to see if there are any additional savings for the items
  3. Use my Red card at checkout

Lower your Target bill

The combinations are endless, so don’t stop at just one way to save money at Target! My biggest piece of advice is to plan out your shopping trip. I know it’s hard to say no to those last minute deals you see at the end of an aisle, but those are always the ones that push my bill over the top. Having a list and sticking to it helps me control my impulse purchases.

So, go ahead and stop by your favorite guilty pleasure this afternoon. Armed with my tricks for saving money, I fully believe you can make a Target run and keep your bill under $100. I know, it’s a small miracle.

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