Ava and I in the kitchen
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I love to bake. There is a part of me, deep down, that believes I only truly like it because I enjoy eating baked goods. Eating aside, I actually find baking to be relaxing and a bit therapeutic. Lately, I’ve done so little of it because of my arch-nemesis: time. Why is there just never enough time in the day?

Ava and I reading our baking instructions on baking with kids

Baking with kids

My daughter, Ava (almost 4) loves helping me in the kitchen. She is genetically pre-dispositioned with my same motives, which is that you can eat while you cook. So when I showed her our newest box from Foodstirs she squealed with joy over the baking project. Foodstirs makes baking with kids so easy and fun.

Ava making the ingredients from foodstirs

Foodstirs Experience

If you haven’t heard of Foodstirs before, they sell organic baking mixes and baking project boxes. Their mixes are ridiculously tasty and made with all organic ingredients (one of the things I love most about them!). Their project boxes include everything needed to make the Pinterest-worthy treat. All you need to add is the refrigerated ingredients (eggs, butter, etc.).

Foodstirs cookie boquet

Ava and I recently made their Darling Daisy Cookie Bouquet Kit. We spent a fun afternoon making the cookies and I can proudly say ours looked as pretty as the picture! Ava had a great time helping make the dough and cutting out the shapes. I found out that I have a hidden talent and passion for icing. My type-A, detailed oriented spirit loved the precision of piping designs on cookies.

Ava rolling out cookie dough

I’m constantly on the lookout for things that Ava and I can enjoy doing together. I love that Ava gets to share in my passion for baking and crafting. Since, having Max almost two years ago, I try and make a big effort to give Ava special one on one time. Foodstirs’ Boquet Kit was the perfect afternoon activity for Ava and me to share in together.

Promo Code

Before I break for coffee and a cookie, I want to share with you a special deal from Foodstirs. Get 20% off sitewide with code Spring20.
Brownies, Cookies, Cupcakes and More. 20% off sitewide (code: Spring20) simply delicious Organic DIY Baking Kits and Mixes.

Let me know which treat you choose, and send me pics of your creations!!!

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