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The Double Stroller Problem

When I was pregnant with Max, I did what most moms with multiple children do. I went out and purchased a double stroller. Well, three years later that same double stroller which once solved my transportation problems, now is a problem.

Here’s a snapshot of the past year of my life.

The double stroller currently resides in the trunk of my car, taking up all the space I have. At least once a week, I carry the huge stroller from the car to my house to free up my trunk. The stroller gets placed in my tiny living room, eating up valuable real estate I have inside. It’s left there for a week before I get tired of vacuuming around it. Finally, I schlep it back to the trunk it calls home. It’s an endless cycle that has become quite exhausting.

Mom problems

This morning I woke up, went downstairs to make coffee and stubbed my toe on the stroller. Today was the day that fate decided that I did something. Now you may argue that it was only because it was lying right in my pathway to coffee, but the truth is today was different. Today I looked at that stroller and came to terms with exactly what it was: a problem. So, instead of kicking the stroller out of my way, I choose to sell it. The time had come for me to rid myself of it.

(Here’s my guidebook to selling your old belongings on Facebook which is how I sold my double stroller.)

Why am I telling you this silly stroller story? Great question.

Just a metaphor for life

This whole double stroller situation is really just a metaphor for my life. I’ve been carrying around a couple of very burdensome problems for quite some time now. Today I woke up and realized was the day to rid myself of them. The truth is, it often seems easier to shuffle problems back and forth never really dealing with them. When I look back on the last year that I’ve ignored my problems, I think what a waste it was. All that time I could have freed up for moving on, being creative and opening myself up to new opportunities, I instead spent schlepping my burdens around.

I hope that this post is a metaphor for you, that it will serve as your call to action. The time has come to unburden some of your troubling problems that really should have been sold a year ago. Like, for real, don’t kick it out of your pathway, remove it from your life forever. Some things really are just a waste of valuable real estate.

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