centerpiece without buying anything

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DIY Easy Beach Centerpieces

I love entertaining and throwing dinner parties. What I don’t love is feeling like I constantly need to go out and buy more stuff. Especially when that stuff is party decorations. So often I see people buy tons of specialty items for a themed party. Then, once the party is over, they have no idea what you do with all that stuff. No thanks, less is more and I certainly don’t want to waste my hard earned money on things that I can’t get rid of fast enough once a gathering has ended.

centerpiece without buying anything

Decorating with what you have

My mom came home from a garage sale the other day with a box of small glass votives that she had purchased for a dollar. Yup, we are obsessed with garage sales in this family. She told me she thought of me immediately when she had spotted them. As I laid them on the kitchen table I started brainstorming what these plain glass votives could become. They were nothing special but as I placed them in a line, a dinner party centerpiece immediately came to mind. The problem was, I didn’t want to purchase additional items I would use once and then shove into a cabinet. I started walking through the house, collecting bits and pieces of what we already had. Thus my centerpiece without buying anything idea was born.

centerpiece without buying anything

 Materials for centerpiece without buying anything

Kraft paper

Empty wine bottles

Martini glasses

Hydrangea (or any other flowers from your garden)

Bayberry (or any other greens from your garden)

Sea glass


Tea lights

All of these items can be switched for other things around your house. Don’t have martini glasses? No problem, use a wine glass. Don’t have sea glass? No worries, try instead using small flowers or glass beads. Don’t have empty wine bottles? Seriously!?!? I’ve never had this problem so I’m not sure what you should do. Maybe stop by my house and go through my recycling.

centerpieces without buying anything

How to make a centerpiece without buying anything

I started by laying down a roll of kraft paper. I’m pretty much in love with this stuff! It not only helps to provide your centerpiece with a natural definition of space but it also makes for super easy cleanup. Then, I placed my three empty wine bottles on the paper, leaving ample space between them.

centerpiece without buying anything

I clumped my votives together in groups of threes, alternating filling them with sand and sea glass. The pop of color it provided not only raised the tea light up but helped to tie the decorations together.

centerpieces without buying anything

Next, I placed martini glasses between the votives and wine bottles. I filled them with water since I would be putting cut flowers into them.

centerpieces without buying anything

I cut long branches off the bayberry bush in my front yard to fill the wine bottles. The green helped to give the centerpieces height which is important visually.centerpieces without buying anything

After, I filled the martini glasses with hydrangeas from the bush behind my house. Hydrangeas are some of my favorite flowers. Make sure to keep them in water or cut them fresh just before the party because they wilt quickly.

centerpieces without buying anything

I filled in the gaps on the table with seashells and large pieces of sea glass. I loved how this added some color and helped to add in little touches of interest.

centerpiece without buying anything

Lastly, I tucked small pieces of bayberry in between the sea glass, shells, votives and wine bottles. It helped to fill in any left over spaces and really transform the table. The colors just popped with all that greenery.

centerpieces without buying anything

Cheap  DIY Centerpieces

My hope is that this post inspires you to see decorating differently. Get creative, be innovative! You don’t need to buy more stuff! Use all the wonderful things that surround you to create a stunning themed centerpiece without buying anything. Your guests will be amazed at your inner Martha Stewart and you’ll be pleased that you didn’t spend a dime (well maybe just $1 at a garage sale).

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