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Back to School Preparations

I know some people try to stop time and keep the summer months going forever. I, on the other hand, love the change of seasons and the beginning of a new cycle. With the start of school looming ahead of us, it’s time I got myself, and the kids prepared. I had three critical tasks that I wanted to cross off my list: backpacks, water bottles and a child introduction letter for Ava and Max’s new teachers.

Since both of my kids will be starting off the year with new teachers, I wanted to create a fun way to introduce Max and Ava to them. Everyone’s child has small nuances that are important for a teacher to know. Sharing these with the teacher can be difficult with the back to school craziness. I also didn’t want to send my kids in with a 30-page note that screamed: “I’m a helicopter mom!” I’m totally not, well at least not most of the time.

child introduction letter

Free Printable Child Introduction Letter

So, I created a fun, mad libs style note to send to the kids’ teachers on the first day of school that you can customize for your child too. This child introduction letter helps to share with the teacher key pieces of information to make a smooth transition for back to school. It’s also an excellent way to prepare your child and get rid of those pesky back to school jitters.

Download my child introduction letter here. Print, fill out and send with your child on their first day.

child introduction letter

Backpacks for toddlers

Now that I checked one thing off my list, it’s time I focus on my next super important task: Backpacks. Backpacks are one of the most important and challenging aspects of back to school shopping. Both Max and Ava are petite in stature and need a bag that can hold all of their things but doesn’t make them fall over and look like a turtle on its shell. Thankfully Giftsforyounow has an extensive selection of children’s backpacks that fit my needs.

Ava can be quite particular about the style of her backpack, so we were thrilled when we found this personalized unicorn backpack. Max was less concerned but still involved in the selection process. He chose a customized shark backpack that is just adorable. I loved that each bag was personalized with their name (one less thing to worry about losing).  They are also high quality and durable too. There’s nothing worse than trying to find a new backpack half way through the year.

child introduction letter

Water Bottles for school

On to the last item on my list: a water bottle. As most of you know, I’m quite a frugal gal. So, buying plastic water bottles at the super market not only strikes me as bad for the environment but as expensive and wasteful. The kids and I are big water drinkers, so it’s important they have access to water throughout the day. The Giftsforyounow personalized water bottles are durable and best of all printed with their names. (That’s half the battle of getting the kids to bring them home!) Since Max is only two, I wanted a bottle that he could easily open and close and this custom water bottle fits the bill perfectly! They’re also adorably designed with a sports theme for Max and pink stripes for Ava.

Embrace back to school season and get prepared for the big first day. Check backpacks off your list this year and make sure to send this cute child introduction letter to their teacher. Then promptly do the happy dance because not only do you have a few minutes of free time to drink a cup of hot coffee but because you’re also a rock star mom.

Worried you won’t get it all done? Check out my 5 tips for prioritizing when you’re in a time crunch.

child introduction letter

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