Searching for that mind-body connection?

Me too! That’s why I tried out four yoga studios in Princeton and learned just how unique each one was.

Yoga Studios in Princeton, New Jersey

Yoga Stream- Lara’s class focused my mind and challenged my body.  The beginning of the class taught us sequences and moves, and then the second part of the class solidified what we learned by combining all of those moves into a flow. The class gave me plenty of opportunities to challenge my body.  As I was sweating, I felt as if I was cleansing myself of the negative and allowing the positivity of the practice to fill its space. This is not a sit on the floor and stretch your legs yoga class. It’s truly all about movement and focus.

Honor Yoga Princeton- I took their Ariel Yoga class and loved it. It was something completely new to me so I was a bit apprehensive about how I would do. The instructor put me at ease and took the time to explain each movement. It felt incredible because I was able to do poses inside of the yoga hammock that I normally couldn’t do in my floor practice, like a handstand inversion. The swaying motion of the hammock made me feel as if I was floating on water.

Rise Power Yoga- Annie’s Deep Stretch class was truly the most relaxed I have been in four years. I loved how I was able to focus on each movement and pose as we slowly worked through the sequences. Anne is a spiritual goddess, and she imparts her wisdom in each class. The 90-minute class flew by and challenged my mind in ways I hadn’t expected. I left on a total yoga high.

Gratitude Yoga- I took Gemma’s Vinyasa Flow class and loved the fast-paced movement that challenged my body. Gemma started off by dedicating our practice to silence, and we honored that core concept with each move. I was amazed at the range of ability of the students and how that flowed together beautifully. Some individuals were able to do incredibly advanced moves while others took the modifications and moved at a slower pace (like me).

So I know what you’re thinking, “Which one was my favorite?”
The truth is, I loved something about each studio.  I believe that yoga is a personal journey that differs from person to person. No matter where your friend or spouse goes, what’s most important, is where you feel a strong connection. So, sorry if you were looking for a quick answer because I don’t have one for you. The best piece of advice I can offer is that you go to all four studios and experience each one’s unique offerings. Who knows, you may end up like me and attend classes at all of the studios because I just couldn’t help falling in love with each of them.


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